Preparation and decor for the wedding

The main part of the attachments that will emphasize your wedding, make it individual and special is decor. Here as with a dress - it also shows your character and preferences. Luxury and brilliance, simplicity and elegance, and maybe comfort and atmosphere. Plan a meeting with the decorator without difficulty, bring all the ideas to the planner planning . You may not copy everything, but learning interesting elements and being inspired will be very useful.

Peculiarities of working with decorator

The work of the wedding decorator is much deeper than just decorating the hall and does not come down to bringing and putting props. It is important for him to know your history, habits, hobbies, understand the individuality of your couple, to express this in some elements of decor, this is first thing to do when planning a wedding.

Also, the decorator will create a concept covering each trifle, thinks through the color scheme and style. Will find and make the purchase of decor parts, or make to order or even manually. He will order tailoring of textiles, the purchase of floristics. All this large amount of information and work is supported by a subtle taste and a sense of style. That is why the work of decorators is so valuable.


The marketing rule works well, that at the same time only 2 points out of three can be fulfilled: cheap and fast - it means ugly, cheap and beautiful - it means long, and quickly and beautifully - it will require significant funds.

What to do with a small budget

Do not despair if the budget is modest. The wedding does not have to be richly decorated, fragrance with placers of all kinds of flowers and shine with a thousand candles. Talk to the decorator, listen to his suggestions. With his professional outlook, he will be able to offer the most necessary to create a festive atmosphere in the place you choose.

Do not delay preparation

The sooner the decorator begins work, the more planned and without linings will be the installation. There will be all the necessary elements, there will be time to order something online, bring from another city or find suppliers if you want something special. Installation on the wedding day is only the final stage of good thoughtful preparation.

Starting in advance, the decorator will be able to go to the venue and, together with the photographer and videographer, discuss and plan the location of the key elements:

  • venue of the ceremony,
  • how best to put the away registration arch,
  • where to arrange the table of the newlyweds so that there is optimal light and aesthetics.

The decorator will measure the hall and draw up a layout of all elements. All this will make the final picture as harmonious as possible.

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